Capture data from multiple assays such as SEC, CSI-BLI, ELISA, and Binding Concentration

The antibody profiling set of applications is based on the twelve assays reported to predict drugability of an antibody (Jain, et al. 2017).  Leverage these applications to track protocols, samples, reagents, and data for all twelve assays.  Store, query, and report on assay data all in one system to manage your results and determine next steps.

Jain T, Sun T, Durand S, Hall A, Houston NR, Nett JH, Sharkey B, Bobrowicz B, Caffry I, Yu Y, Lynaugh H, Brown M, Barauh H, Gray LT, Krauland EM, Xu Y, Vasquez M, Wittrup KD. 2017. Biophysical properties of the clinical-stage antibody landscape. PNAS. 114(5):944-949