Prepare, stain, and image slides with a broad array of techniques

The Immunohistochemisty app supports the processes involved in embedding tissue in paraffin or cryogenic embedding media, sectioning, staining, and imaging of tissue samples. This app has been pre-configured to allow sectioning on vibratomes, microtomes, or cryostats, as well as transfer of slices to slides, staining with any number of antibody and fluorphore combinations, and image capture and annotation. Additional functionality within a series of dashboard views allows users to query, manage reagents, view metrics, and generate prepared slides in bulk.


  • Ability to track samples from registration through embedding, sectioning, staining, and imaging
  • Ability to register prepared slides in bulk, including assigning and tracking storage locations
  • Ability to query existing experiments and inventory
  • Dashboard views display metrics and navigation for all samples and experiments within the application
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Category: Biobanking

Type: App

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