Nucleic Acid Normalization

Dilute genomic samples for storage or use in downstream workflows

The Nucleic Acid Normalization application provides users with a queue of samples awaiting processing. The normalization process automatically calculates the amount of sample and diluent to pipette for each sample based on the target concentration and volume. Samples with too little material can be automatically flagged prior to process. Users may also export a file to provide work instructions for processing at the bench or by liquid handlers. The application will track sample lineage and register new containers with printable barcodes for inventory tracking. The normalized samples can be stored for later use or sent to downstream workflows such as NGS, Sanger Sequencing, Microarray, or qPCR.


  • Calculate amount to pipette based on target concentration and volume
  • Generate instrument file for driving lab automation
  • Flag samples with too little material¬†
  • Use in combination with Nucleic Acid QC to measure the concentration of samples prior to normalizing
  • Normalize samples for downstream workflows such as qPCR, Sanger Sequencing, NGS, or Microarray
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