Nucleic Acid QC

Capture sample quality metrics to ensure sample quality

The Nucleic Acid QC app captures analytical results from a variety of industry standard instruments, helping to ensure only high quality samples are used in downstream workflows. Instrument result files can be uploaded to the LIMS through the user interface, or the Core SDMS can be utilized to automate data capture. Admins can set pass/fail thresholds to automatically flag and prevent failed samples from moving on to the next step in the process. Scientists can re-QC samples as needed or on multiple QC instruments without overwriting any of the captured data. Instruments, reagents, and quality control results can be monitored over time to perform trend analysis.


  • Supported instruments include Thermo Fisher™ Qubit™ Fluorometers, Thermo Scientific™ NanoDrop™ Spectrophotometers, MD SpectraMax® and other multi mode plate readers, and qPCR instrumentation 
  • Capture key quality metrics such as concentration, A260/A280 readings, etc.
  • Use dashboards to track samples which are ready for QC
  • Use in conjunction with downstream workflows such as NGS, Microarray, or Sanger Sequencing
  • Use in conjunction with the Core SDMS to automate data capture
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