Preclinical Study Management

Quickly and easily define preclinical studies and study groups, including associated animals, personnel, and approvals

The Preclinical Study Management app supports the structure of research studies involving animal subjects (e.g., ADME, mutagenecity,in vivo toxicity, etc.). Dashboards allow users to view study and subject information quickly and easily. Researchers and study managers can assign unique identifiers for animals, link animals to studies and groups, and maintain information from Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) approvals. The Preclinical Study Management app addresses the need to define preclinical study parameters and add multiple animal subjects to these trials while maintaining documentation for approvals in one secure place.


  • Register and inventory an unlimited range of species (e.g., mouse, rat, dog, monkey, etc.) individually or in bulk, including unique ID generation
  • Link studies to animal subject participants, groups, sites, and IACUC approvals
  • Use dashboards to view and assess metrics on study progress and navigate associated data
  • Use in conjunction with Preclinical Specimen Accessioning to provide traceability from specimens to animal subjects, related studies, etc.

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