Specimen Shipment Management

Maintain full sample lifecycle chain of custody for shipped specimen

The Specimen Shipment Management application provides biobanks with the ability to maintain chain of custody throughout the lifecycle of a sample, including when samples are being shipped to CROs or collaborators. The application provides easy navigation for users to create shipping requests, including the option to specify specimens, reason for shipment, and shipping conditions. Requests can be followed through the approval and fulfillment process using status dashboards, allowing for full traceability of the request's status. Upon fulfillment, a shipping record is generated to capture all information related to the shipment, including waybill number, date/time, who fulfilled the request, and confirmation of the shipping details (where, conditions, etc.).


  • Generate requests for specimens to be shipped
  • Follow requests through the approval and fulfillment process
  • Provides chain of custody for request, specimen handling, and shipment tracking
  • Use in combination with Specimen Inventory Management and Specimen Shipment Collaborator Portal to have full transparency into sample location and chain of custody
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Category: Biobanking, Shipping, Specimen

Type: App

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