Whole Blood Fractionation

Track the processing of whole blood samples into plasma and serum lots for biobanking and experimental use

Use the Whole Blood Fractionation app to track the creation of plasma and serum from whole blood samples. The app provides cradle-to-grave lineage of all sample lots prepared, including the assignment of anticoagulant pre-treatment values, protocols and instruments used, and full details associated with creating and tracking vacutainers. Use the app to kick off fractionation experiments or query past experimental details. The Whole Blood Fractionation app standardizes the processing of whole blood samples to streamline experimental tracking and reporting.


  • Tracks all data associated with preparing serum or plasma from whole blood
  • Provides pre-configured processes to standardize sample processing, including capabilities to assign specific samples to protocols, assign anticoagulant pre-treatments to vacutainers, associate centrifuges to a preparation, automate instrument data capture, and generate plasma and serum lots according to specifications
  • Builds a complete cradle-to-grave lineage of all samples lots prepared including lot and container associations
  • Contains built-in querying and reporting functions to assist with experimental monitoring and quality control and support regulatory and other reporting requirements
  • Use alone, or in conjunction with Assay Request Management 
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