ADME Assay Request Management

Create and track assay requests for complete ADME portfolio management

The ADME Assay Request Management application enables labs to fully control requests for all ADME assays within their portfolio. Functionality for the app includes the ability to accept requests from other laboratories, automate approval queues, and utilize dashboards to monitor the volume of assay requests.

When used in conjunction with the ADME Compound Request Management application and other ADME assay apps, labs can create a complete end to end workflow that spans the initial request through the publishing of data.



  • Create assay requests to add any number of samples to ADME assay workflows
  • Enable scientists to control the throughput of their assays through the use of approval queues
  • Visualize the current number of open experiments and assay requests across all ADME assays via the ADME home dashboard to monitor assay throughput
  • Customize the list of ADME assays available for request
  • Use in conjunction with ADME Compound Request Management to find available sample inventory and create assay ready plates for each ADME assay
  • Use individual assay dashboards to track current requests, access all open experiments and add available assay ready plates to new experiments


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