Axiom Genotyping Pre Lab

Overview of containers at each step in the Axiom Genotyping Pre Lab workflow

The Axiom Pre Lab app provides an overview of the number of containers at each step in the Pre Lab workflow. Scientists can view queues of samples ready to process and experiments already in progress. The process begins with the accessioned source containers, and tracks samples through the Pre Lab process, tracking sample lineage, volume, concentration, and container transfers at each step. The app also includes tracking of samples through Nucleic Acid Extraction, Nucleic Acid Quantification and Normalization. Scientists can leverage the Core SDMS to automate data capture from their QC instrumentation. The workflow supports processing of samples for both 96- and 384-array layout.


  • Dashboard provides overview of Pre Lab work in progress
  • Containers are queued up for Quantitation and Normalization for easy identification of samples ready for processing
  • Provides a quality checkpoint where failed samples can be removed from the workflow and sent for reprocessing
  • Samples passing quality metrics are automatically moved to the next step in the process
  • Use in conjunction with Axiom Genotyping Sample Accessioning, Axiom Genotyping Post Lab, and other Axiom apps to fully support your Axiom Genotyping solution
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Category: Affymetrix, Axiom, Genomics, Microarray

Type: App

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