Chemistry Registration

Register and manage chemicals, small molecules, natural products and peptides from one centralized dashboard

The Chemistry Registration app enables scientists to register small molecules, peptides and natural products into a fully searchable electronic archive to facilitate sample management and tracking. Additionally, chemical reagent registration allows scientists to track the source material of their products. The app is powered by ChemAxon's Marvin JS and JChem Base software, which provide chemically aware structural representations, automatic calculation of chemical properties and IUPAC names, and retrieval of other compound details such as CAS registry numbers.

Compounds can be registered individually or in a batch via Structure Data (SD) files or SMILES strings. The app provides cradle-to-grave documentation on molecules, enabling your organization to accurately track the storage, characterization, and testing of critical proprietary compounds.


  • Register small molecules and chemical reagents individually, or in batch mode via SD file or via a spreadsheet containing SMILES strings
  • Register peptides individually or in batch mode using a peptide string that automatically renders a chemical structure
  • Register natural products individually or in batch mode using standard spreadsheet templates with or without a known structure
  • Utilize ChemAxon's Marvin JS and JChem Base software to collect structure and chemical property details
  • Manage lot and inventory details, including container and location information
  • Track the use and characterization of registered molecules through the integration of additional PFS Marketplace applications specific to your company's needs
  • Create MSDS reports for shipping samples to collaborators

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