Clinical Sample Accessioning

Register and track human samples for clinical genomic research purposes such as tumor analysis

With the Clinical Sample Accessioning app, clinical research labs can register incoming samples and track attributes relevant for downstream reporting such as tissue type, collection methods, and sample storage conditions. The app supports labs performing research for cancer diagnostics, biomarker discovery, drug absorption panels, and more. The app lets users view important data about their sample inventory at a glance, and query samples based on a number of attributes.

The Clinical Sample Accessioning supports collaborations with external partners, e.g., pre-registration of shipments with the lab. The app can also be used to record and view detailed information about shipments, work requests, and samples such as shipping condition, sequencing workflow, sample type, and sample condition. 


  • Capture and track information associated with clinical research samples in bulk or individually
  • Capture details on accessioned samples including sample type, workflow, and shipping details
  • Use dashboards to track shipments, navigate associated data, and collect metrics about the use of clinical samples from receipt through distribution
  • Allow external collaborators to notify the lab in advance of incoming shipments
  • Use in combination with other sample accessioning, library prep, or other genomics apps to build an end-to-end solution
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