HTS Assay Request Management

Submit and track assay requests within an organization and/or among partner labs and CROs

The HTS Assay Request Management app enables the execution of more rapid and efficient campaigns by streamlining the request process for high throughput screens. The app simplifies communication between core facilities and across sites or scientific organizations, including external partners and contract research organizations, by creating a single source of assay request data.

The HTS Assay Request Management app lets researchers generate and manage requests, assign priority and status, and associate samples to an assay. Requests can be created by scanning sample barcodes or pasting lists of sample lots into the app. Assay fulfillment information, such as compound amounts, desired protocols and project assignments are included in the request. Dashboards provide a summary view of all active and on-hold requests organized by priority, requester, assay, or project. Related request details are available with a single click.


  • Submit assay requests, including information on the request priority, assay type, and requester
  • Associate requests to sample lots to expedite processing and ensure that enough inventory is available to fulfill request.
  • Use the HTS Assay Request Management dashboard to track request status from submission through completion or rejection.
  • Use as part of an integrated HTS solution or with your own unique configuration to provide instant visibility into ongoing work.
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