Cell Culture Management

Track cell lines through passaging and media changes

The Cell Culture Management application allows users to record passaging and cell banking events for cell lines registered in the system. Manage cell lines from initial thaw to everyday maintenance, and scale up for screening, characterization or bioprocessing. The app makes it easy to define dissociation reagents, split ratios, seeding densities, final volumes and more.

Users can track sample and container lineage, including automatically registering new passages along with their specified container type.  Pre-configured flask and bioreactor types are available, or users can configure unlimited additional containers to meet their needs. This app can also be used to replenish your biobank as you cryopreserve new passages or create “just-in-time” cellular reagents for use at the bench.


  • Automatically register new samples for full traceability within the system
  • Manage dissociation reagents, buffers, and media components
  • Dashboards provide a single source of information to view cell lines in culture, manage reagents, and record new passages.
  • Use in conjunction with Biologics Registration, Molecular Biology and other Cell Culture apps to record data at all points during your biologics generation workflow.
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