Cell Line Generation

Generate new immortalized cell lines from patient or animal subject specimens

The Cell Line Generation application allows users to transform a clinical or preclinical specimen into a new immortalized cell line.  Users define the protocols, media recipes, and transformation parameters needed for each unique tissue sample. 

Specimens are tracked through dissociation of tissue to transformation and are arrayed into single or multi-well containers based on the user’s choice.  Cell concentration, viability, confluence, media recipes, and treatments are tracked for each well allowing users to set up matrix experiments with ease.

Lineage is maintained through an unlimited number of passages and media changes along the way.  New cell lines and lots are automatically registered based on user defined criteria.


  • Automatically register new samples for full traceability within the system
  • Manage dissociation reagents, buffers, and media components
  • Dashboards provide a single source of information to view and create new immortalized cell lines, as well as, manage reagents.
  • Use in conjunction with Clinical Specimen Accessioning, Preclinical Specimen Accessioning, Biologics RegistrationMolecular Biology, and other Cell Culture apps to record data at all points during your biologics generation workflow.
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