Gel Electrophoresis

Record agarose and PAGE processes, including reagents, instruments, and gel images, and define next steps in molecular biology workflows

The Gel Electrophoresis app allows users to send registered samples to either an agarose gel or PAGE (Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis) experiment. Users can set and reuse parameters for gel recipes, sample preparation, and run conditions, or record modifications and set new parameters, change voltage, Amps, times, and volumes, on the fly.

Annotate experiments to record run metrics, sample volumes, transilluminator images, band size(s), and more. Choose the next step in your process to record samples that are ready to use, or require purification. Use the Gel Electrophoresis app to manage data and protocols for any number of samples to maintain image data and improve traceability throughout biologics reagent generation.


  • Maintain images within the system for easy access and annotation
  • Manage reagents and instruments
  • Dashboards provide a single source of information to access reagents and instruments, and link to additional applications
  • Use in conjunction with Biologics Registration and/or Molecular Biology apps to record data at all points during your biologics generation workflow

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