HTS: Biochemical Single Concentration

Capture and process raw data from single concentration biochemical High Throughput Screening (HTS) assays

Biochemical Single Concentration automatically captures raw data and performs calculations from biochemical HTS assays evaluating samples at a single concentration. The app is aligned with common protocols and plate formats, saving you time in setting up and running experiments. Automated processing includes percent inhibition calculation, outlier detection, and heat maps for visualizing information on experiments, containers, and quality control (QC) so that you can rapidly act on biochemical assay data and triage hits.


  • Use dashboards to easily create new experiments, assays, and protocols
  • Access out-of-the-box templates and formats for protocols and plates
  • Capture data directly from HTS instrumentation
  • Process raw data rapidly, with built in features for:
    • Determining percent inhibition
    • Detecting and including or rejecting outliers
    • Producing heat maps for analyzing overall assay trends
  • Use alone, or in combination with HTS: Biochemical Dose Response and/or Assay Request Management to support a full screening program
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