Peptide Registration

Draw and register complex peptide structures using custom amino acid codes

The Peptide Registration app simplifies the traditionally tedious process of registering complex peptide structures. Rather than manually drawing the entire chemical structure, scientists can enter a string of amino acid codes and the app will automatically generate a complete peptide structure. Any custom amino acid code can be associated with a registered amino acid. In addition, scientists can specify attachment points for non-amino acid components, enabling them to represent diverse chemical functionalities, cyclization motifs, and stereochemistry. With the Peptide Registration app, even the most complex peptide structures can be drawn and registered in seconds.


  • Build and register complex peptide structures in seconds
  • Register amino acid structures and associate them with custom codes
  • Generate complete peptide structures by entering amino acid code strings or indicating attachment points for non-amino acid entities
  • Use simple notations to encode cyclization motifs, stereochemistry, or other chemical functionality
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