Reagent Registration

Register and track reagents for use in scientific experiments

The Reagent Registration app enables scientists to easily register and manage reagents and build a trackable reagent inventory for their research lab. Register reagents individually or in bulk, capturing supplier information, purchasing details, and inventory information such as container type and location. Use Reagent Registration to search for reagents across a variety of fields. Whether you need quick access to adequate supplies of a salt for preparing a buffer solution, or you need to locate an existing source of a recombinant protein in order to run an assay, the Reagent Registration app enables you to focus on executing scientific experiments while maximizing the use of inventory assets.


  • Register reagents individually or in batch from a .txt or .xls file
  • Record the CAS registry number and supplier and purchasing details such as supplier name, catalog name, catalog and batch ID, and pricing
  • Capture inventory details such as container type and location
  • Reagent management and searchability through integration with inventory apps
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