DNA Template PCR

Amplify DNA templates in preparation for Sanger Sequencing

The DNA Template PCR application enables users to track the process of amplifying their DNA samples in preparation for downstream capillary electrophoresis (Sanger Sequencing). Scientists can track their cycling conditions, reagent lots and instruments used during the process, to help trace back any failure trends throughout the process. When used in conjunction with other Sanger applications, the resulting amplified DNA samples can be queued for purification prior to cycle sequencing.


  • Dashboard provides scientist with a barcoded list of samples/plates ready for amplification
  • Track scientist, date, instrument and reagents of the PCR reaction
  • Amplified samples are queued up for purification
  • Use in combination with Sanger Sequencing, Sanger Lab QC, and other Sanger apps to support your full Sanger sequencing workflow
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