Ion Torrent RNA Library Prep

Facilitate data capture during RNA Library Prep for downstream Ion Torrent™ sequencing

The Ion Torrent™ RNA Library prep application helps users prep libraries for sequencing applications such as whole transcriptome, small RNA, and miRNA. The app provides dashboards to walk users through the preparation workflow and easily access samples for processing. All metadata associated with library prep including library barcode assignment, reagent lots, and instrumentation can be managed with this app. Users may automatically generate a sample set file to remove manual transcription of a file for import to Ion Reporter. The Ion Torrent RNA Library Prep app also provides a full chain of custody for processing including who performed each process, volume and concentration and parent/child derivatives at each step.


  • Tracking of protocols and reagents used for prep
  • Assignment of library barcodes for use in downstream analysis
  • Ability automatically generate sample set for import to Ion Reporter
  • Dashboards provide easy access to samples for processing
  • Use in combination with apps like NGS Lab QC and Ion Template Prep & Sequencing to provide end to end workflow traceability
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