NGS Reagent Management

Manage and track reagents and kit contents for NGS library and sample prep

Use the NGS Reagent Management app to track and control reagents, primers, and kit contents associated with quality control, library preparation, and sequencing applications. The app inventories contents for leading NGS preparation kits from Life Technologies (part of Thermo Fisher Scientific™), Illumina, and Pacific Biosciences. The app provides a single access point to all reagent information along with dashboards that organize information and provide automatic alerts when levels are low or reagents are nearing expiration. The NGS Reagent Management app helps labs to reduce waste, manage costs, and maintain a full chain of custody for reagent kit contents, from ordering and receipt to safe disposal.


  • Full inventory data for NGS reagent kits and lots, including quantity, locations, expiry, and purchasing information 
  • Print labels and assign barcodes to kits and reagents
  • Establish configurable hierarchical storage locations and parameters, including from labs and benches to refrigerators/freezers, shelves, and racks
  • Use dashboard views and automatic alerts to get real-time information on inventory status and checkpoints
  • Access reporting functions to track usage, orders, purchases, or handling information
  • Bulk upload from csv, xls, xlsx
  • Register and inventory positive controls, negative controls, assay standards, or no-template controls
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