Patient and Sample Accessioning

Register patients and associated samples for downstream processing of NGS, Sanger, microarray or other clinical workflows

The Patient and Sample Accessioning application enables lab accessioning of patient records and associated metadata. It supports sample receipt data and process management activities including creating patients, accessioning patient samples, and tracking samples. Lab users can additionally capture sample metadata such as sample name, date received, volume, quality information, and sample type. The Patient and Sample Accessioning app additionally supports batch registration enabling users to capture data in preparation for downstream clinical testing.


  • Track patient metadata, received samples, requested tests and status
  • Leverage inventory management capabilities to track storage locations, containers, and more
  • Provides a dashboard for streamlined registration of patients and associated samples
  • Use for sample accessioning for clinical sequencing workflows
  • Allow patient to be centralized record for all samples and associated data
  • Anonymize patient personal data or control access to specific demographic data
  • Use in combination with other NGS, Microarray and Sanger Sequencing apps
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