Sanger Lab QC

Track & measure sample concentration and set quality thresholds

The Sanger Lab QC app captures analytical results from sequencing instruments, helping to prevent poor sequencing quality and the need for repeat processing.  Use dashboards to track which samples are ready for QC and normalization. Admins can set pass/fail thresholds to prevent failed samples from moving on in the workflow. Instrument result files can be uploaded to the LIMS through the UI, or Core SDMS can be utilized to automate data capture.


  • Supports Thermo Fisher Qubit™ Fluorometers and NanoDrop™ Spectrophotometers
  • Track QC reagent lots used and volume of sample consumed
  • Record sample concentration and purity
  • Use in combination with Sanger SequencingSanger Sample Accessioning, and other Sanger apps to support your full Sanger sequencing workflow.
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