Illumina Infinium Array Post Lab

Track sample preparation, Illumina® BeadChip loading and imaging on the iScan System

The Illumina Infinium Post Lab enables scientists to track samples, protocols and reagents used through samples prep, array loading and scanning. The Post Lab dashboard provides an overview of projects and containers at each processing step. Dedicated dashboards provide scientists with a worklist of samples to process at each step. The workflow natively enables loading of 8- 24- and 96- sample BeadChip Formats. Additional BeadChip formats can be easily configured.  



  • Post Lab dashboard provides overview of work in progress
  • Track samples through DNA Amplification, Fragmentation, Precipitation, Resuspension, Hybridization, Washing and Scanning
  • Samples are automatically queued up for the next step in the workflow
  • Workflow enables full sample lineage tracking including sample volumes, concentration, and container transfers
  • Track reagent lots and instruments used at each step in the process
  • Use in conjunction with Infinium Array Pre Lab, Infinium Array Sample Accessioning and Infinium Array Project Management
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Category: Genomics, Illumina, Microarray

Type: App

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