Illumina Infinium Array Pre Lab

Extract, Normalize and Quantify samples in preparation for Illumina® BeadChip Array loading and scanning

The Illumina Infinium Array Pre Lab application provides an overview of the number of plates at each step in Pre Lab processing. Scientists can view queues of samples ready to process and easily start their experiments. Each experiment tracks the date, scientist, protocol, reagents and samples processed. Sample lineage and quality are tracked, and normalized samples are sent to Post Lab for processing.



  • Track protocols, reagents, sample lineage, volume and concentration through Pre Lab processing
  • Automate sample quality data capture with the Thermo Fisher™ Core SDMS™ Software
  • Automatically send normalized samples to Post Lab processing
  • Use in conjunction with other Illumina Infinium Array applications: Sample Accessioning, Post Lab, Project Management
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Category: Genomics, Illumina, Microarray

Type: App

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