Illumina RNA Library Prep

Prepare and track NGS samples using standard library preparation workflows for RNA-sequencing

With the Illumina RNA Library Prep app, genomics labs can streamline sample processing and expand their data management capabilities for Illumina RNA Library Preparation workflows, in anticipation of downstream Illumina HiSeq™, MiSeq™ or NextSeq™ sequencing. All necessary metadata generated from the creation of Illumina RNA-Seq libraries, from normalized total RNA ready purification to the production of enriched libraries, is captured centrally in the app, including reagent kits, reagents, lots consumed and equipment and instruments utilized (e.g., thermocyclers and pipettes). Use this app to establish a full chain of custody for all sample prep activities and to provide a searchable archive for tracking the reliability and quality of processes.


  • Maintain a full chain of custody for all data associated with RNA-Seq sample preparation
  • Troubleshoot processes by querying data collected by the app
  • Use with a wide variety of RNA Library Prep protocols from Illumina and other vendors
  • Use in combination with apps like NGS Sample Accessioning and Illumina Flow Cell Prep and Sequencing to provide end-to-end workflow traceability

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Category: Genomics, Library Prep, NGS, Sample Prep

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