NGS Lab Operations

Gain insights into day to day lab operations and workflows

The NGS Lab Operations application provides a single dashboard for lab managers to monitor day to day lab operations. Charts provide insights into the number of samples queued for each step in the workflow, allowing for easy identification of processing bottlenecks. NGS Lab Operations also provides users with a Failed Sample Triage homepage with reports of samples that have failed at any step in the workflow. Samples will remain in Triage until reviewed.


  • Provides overview of samples queued at each step and enables mangers to identify processing bottlenecks
  • Triage failed samples that have been removed from the workflow
  • Report on turn around time for processed samples
  • View in progress experiments, organized by scientist
  • Use in combination with other NGS apps for simplified management of NGS workflows
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Category: Genomics, Illumina, Ion Torrent, NGS

Type: App

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