Nucleic Acid Extraction

Track the preparation and extraction of DNA and RNA for biobanking and experimental use

Use the Nucleic Acid Extraction app to conveniently track data associated with preparing DNA and RNA. The app can accept an unlimited assortment of specimen sample inputs, including human whole blood, saliva, and tissue samples, as well as non-human specimens (i.e., plant, animal). Generate collection tubes and assign them barcodes so that they can be readily tracked in inventory and during experimental activities. Initiate extraction experiments and automatically generate DNA and RNA lots in the appropriate destination vessels using dashboard gadgets. The Nucleic Acid Extraction app provides cradle-to-grave lineage of all specimen samples to streamline experimental tracking and reporting.


  • Supports DNA extraction and RNA extraction from an array of specimen types, including whole blood, saliva, and tissue samples from any organism
  • References and assigns protocols and extraction kits to specific samples to standardize sample preparation processes
  • Provides pre-configured processes to create collection tubes, assign barcodes to tubes, associate instruments to specific samples, and generate lots in appropriate destination vessels
  • Tracks complete crade-to-grave lineage for all prepared sample lots, including sample-to-sample relationships and container associations
  • Contains built-in querying and reporting functions to assist with experimental monitoring and quality control and support regulatory and other reporting requirements 
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