PacBio SMRT cDNA Library Prep

Prepare cDNA libraries for sequencing on the RSII or Sequel instruments

The PacBio SMRT cDNA library prep application tracks the library construction steps for RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) on the RSII and Sequel sequencing instruments by PacBio. Scientists can normalize their amplified cDNA, track adapter assignments and capture reagent lots used. Prepped libraries can be subsequently normalized and pooled as needed in preparation for SMRTbell template preparation.


  • Dashboard provides friendly user instructions for constructing SMRT library
  • Library adapters can be manually assigned to samples or automated when using standard adapter plates
  • Automatically calculate sample and buffer needed to normalized samples pre and post library prep
  • Optionally pool prepped libraries in preparation for template preparation and sequencing
  • Use in conjunction with PacBio RT PCR and PacBio SMRT Sequencing applications
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Category: Genomics, Illumina, PacBio, Sequencing

Type: App

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