10x Genomics Chromium Single Cell Library Prep

Prepare Chromium Single Cell Libraries for Illumina Sequencing

The 10x Genomics Chromium Single Cell Library Preparation application enables scientists to quickly track where samples are in the workflow. Dashboards provide the scientist with a list of samples ready for processing at each workflow step where they can easily select their samples and record experiment data. The 10x Genomics Chromium Single Cell application will track samples through GEM Generation & Barcoding, GEM Clean-up & Purification, GEM QC, Library Construction, Library QC and Library Normalization, recoding volume, concentration, reagent lots, instruments, and performing scientist at each process step. When used in coordination with any of the Accessioning applications and the Illumina Flow Cell Prep and Sequencing application, users can track the end-to-end chain of custody of a sample through the entire workflow from accessioning to sequencing. The application was developed following the Chromium Single Cell 3' Reagent Kit v2 User Guide (see reference link below), but also supports earlier versions as well.

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  • Queues up samples for each step in the Chromium Single Cell Library Preparation workflow
  • Assign sample indexes to each library for easy sample sheet generation
  • Record information about each workflow step including date/time, scientist, reagent lots, and instruments used
  • Track sample lineage including volume, concentration, derivatives, and chain of custody
  • Use in conjunction with the NGS Sample Accessioning, NGS Lab QC and Illumina Flow Cell Prep and Sequencing applications¬†
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