Ion Template Preparation and Sequencing

Manage Ion template preparation, chip loading, and sequencing planned run execution

The Ion Template Preparation and Sequencing application enables labs to manage and execute sample enrichment and chip loading with the Ion OneTouch™ 2 and Ion Chef™ systems. Scientists can track reagents lots and plan runs for the Ion PGM™, Ion Proton™ and Ion S5™ sequencing instruments. At the end of each of the workflow steps, lab users have full transparency and traceability into who did what, what data was captured, and when each step of the process was completed. The Ion Template Preparation and Sequencing app simplifies the tracking and execution of steps fundamental to preparing for, and executing an Ion sequencing run.


  • Track Ion OneTouch 2 enrichment systems and Ion Chef systems in combination with reagent lots used
  • Dashboard helps users understand exactly where they are in the preparation and sequencing process
  • Generate planned runs for the Ion PGS, Ion Proton, Ion S5, and Ion GeneStudio S5 systems 
  • Use in combination with Genomics Accessioning & Ion AmpliSeq Library Prep workflow apps
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