Oncomine Focus Assay

Prepare oncology samples for amplicon-based targeted resequencing

The Oncomine Focus Assay™ application enables tracking of RNA and DNA samples in a single workflow. Process DNA and RNA extracted from FFPE samples through library prep and pooling with the Ion Torrent™ Ion Chef™ System or manual library preparation. Metadata generated from the creation of libraries is captured centrally in the app, including reagent kit, lots consumed, as well as equipment and instruments utilized (such as thermocyclers and pipettes) to support downstream template preparation and chip loading. Scientists can use this app to establish a full chain of custody for all sample prep activities and to provide a searchable archive for tracking the reliability and quality of processes.


  • Supports automated (Ion Chef System™ or liquid handlers) and manual library preparation
  • Provides traceability of sample and container lineage including concentration and volume
  • Assign library barcodes for identification during pooling, sequencing, and downstream analysis
  • Track prepared amplicon library data for downstream sequencing on Ion PGM™, Ion S5™, and Ion GeneStudio S5™ sequencing instruments
  • Generate sample set file for import to the Torrent Suite™ Software
  • Maintain a full chain of custody for all sample preparation data
  • Easily troubleshoot processes by querying data collected by the app
  • Use in conjunction with the NGS Lab QC app to assess the quality of your libraries
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