Axiom 96 PostLab

Track sample lineage throughout the PostLab workflow

The Axiom 96 PostLab app provides an overview of the number of containers at each step in the PostLab workflow. Scientists can view queues of samples ready to process and experiments already in progress. The process starts with a normalization container to amplify and ends with the final wash and scan experiment which generates a scan for each sample to track the resulting genotype data. The app will  track the sample lineage throughout the PostLab workflow including volume, concentration and container transfers. 


  • PostLab dashboard provides overview of work in progress
  • Track samples through DNA amplification, fragmentation, resuspension, gel & optical density reading, hybridization, wash and scan
  • Samples are automatically queued up for the next step in the workflow,
  • Workflow enables full sample lineage tracking including sample volumes, concentration and container transfers
  • Track reagent lots and instruments used at each step in the process
  • Use in conjunction with Axiom 96 PreLab, Axiom Lab Management and other Axiom apps to fully support your Axiom Genotyping solution
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Category: Affymetrix, Axiom, Genomics, Microarray

Type: App

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