Axiom Project Management

Manage open projects and incoming process requests

The Axiom Project Management application provides a centralized dashboard to monitor the status of open projects and manage incoming process requests. Project managers can register project requests and allocate source containers to the request. The app also allows project managers to create and manage requesting company, lab and requester contact information related to each request. The Axiom Project Management dashboard displays all active open projects and convenient links to genotyping and clustering summary dashboards.


  • Manage company and lab contact information
  • Create and track open project requests
  • Group samples per project request and view the progress of samples through the workflow
  • Use in conjunction with Axiom Lab Management, Axiom Shipping requests, and other Axiom apps to support your full Axiom Genotyping solution
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Category: Affymetrix, Axiom, Genomics, Microarray

Type: App

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