Axiom Genotyping Shipping Requests

Review status of open Axiom shipping requests

The Axiom Genotyping Shipping Requests app helps Project Managers review the status of open shipping requests. Pre-barcoded containers can be sent to labs requesting service and the status of outbound and inbound containers can be easily monitored and updated. The Shipping Requests app also provides a record for shipping information as well as including the tracking number. 


  • Create shipping requests to manage shipping location, associated project request, requesting lab, container barcodes, and tracking number
  • Dashboard to track the status of open shipping requests
  • Set up email alerts to shipping teams when a new shipping request is initiated
  • Use in conjunction with other Axiom apps to fully support your Axiom Genotyping solution
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Category: Affymetrix, Axiom, Genomics, Microarray

Type: App

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