Body Weight Studies

Design, create and manage in vivo body weight studies

The Body Weight Studies application provides an end to end solution for the execution of an in vivo body weight study covering aspects from study design through subject assignment to data analysis and visualization.

This app includes dashboards that provide an overview of ongoing body weight studies. Scientists can use the built-in data visualization tools to analyze the study data and make decisions faster.


  • Supports manual assignment of subject into treatment groups
  • Log and analyze sample collection, dosing and measurement
  • Use simple dashboards to track the status of ongoing experiments and provide study owners and scientists rapid access to their work
  • Use logs and schedules to capture, dosing details, sample collection and measurements
  • Add ad-hoc time points to a study for total flexibility
  • Use the built un calculation and charting tools to visualize measurement data
  • Use in combination with Animal Facility Management and other in vivo applications to deliver a full Animal Studies solution
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