Cell Line Engineering

Engineer cell lines for over-expression or gene editing

The Cell Line Engineering application allows users to track information around the transfection of cell lines, including, reagents, protocols, and plasmids.  Automatically register new cell lines and maintain the lineage to the parent cell line and specific lot used.  Users have the choice to dilution clone or plate in semi-solid media and cherry pick clones using a liquid handler or clone picking instrument.  Clones are automatically registered and maintain their relationship to the pool cell line.

The app assigns biosafety levels, constructs used in cell line generation, media recipes and more.  This provides a one-stop-shop for assessing growth conditions, cell type, and safety precautions.  Users can quickly search to identify cell lines expressing (or lacking expression of) target genes or modifications.


  • Automatically register new samples for full traceability within the system
  • Manage dissociation reagents, buffers, and media components
  • Dashboards provide a single source of information to view and create new recombinant and engineered cell lines, as well as, manage reagents.
  • Use in conjunction with Biologics RegistrationMolecular Biology, and other Cell Culture apps to record data at all points during your biologics generation workflow.
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