Clinical Study Management

Quickly and securely define clinical studies, including associated participants, sites and groups, and approvals

The Clinical Study Management app lets trial managers define clinical trial parameters and add multiple patients to studies and trials without compromising confidentiality. The app allows managers of clinical studies to create new trials and trial groups, associate patient info and consent forms to the trial group, and hide protected patient information using security permissions. Researchers and study managers can assign unique identifiers for patients, link patients to studies, including sites and groups, and maintain information from Institutional Review Board (IRB) approvals. Dashboards allow users with appropriate permissions to view study information quickly and securely.


  • Securely register patients individually or in bulk, including unique ID generation
  • Link studies to patient participants, groups, sites, and IRB approval documentation
  • Use dashboards to view and assess metrics on clinical study progress and navigate associated data
  • Use in conjunction with Clinical Specimen Accessioning to provide traceability from specimens to patient subjects, related studies and/or trials, etc.
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