Consumable Management

Track and manage the supply of consumable items including their purchase, approval, receipt, and depletion

The Consumables Management application enables an organization to seamlessly maintain adequate supplies of critical consumable items. This app can track the amount and location of consumable supplies at multiple sites. Easily manage the life cycle of consumables from approval through purchase, receipt and depletion. An inventory report can be run on demand to quickly identify items that need to be reordered.


  • Create new consumable records for items that need to be tracked
  • Integrity checks ensure only one record per vendor catalog number can be created
  • Create purchase orders and associate consumable items to them through either barcode or vendor catalog number
  • Managers can sign purchase orders for approval and requestors can sign purchase orders when items are received
  • Record the receipt of items, mark locations, and print barcode labels
  • Track the movement of specific items between inventory locations and mark their depletion
  • Report the items at a specific site that need to be ordered
  • Searchable dashboards that display all open purchase orders or the count of each consumable item at a site
  • Use in conjunction with other Marketplace applications to create a full informatics solution
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Category: Utility

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