Cycle Sequencing PCR

Prepare samples for capillary electrophoresis with dye-terminator amplification

The Cycle Sequencing PCR application tracks samples through the process of chain termination PCR in preparation for capillary electrophoresis on a Genetic Analyzer. Scientists can track the cycling conditions, PCR reagent lots, thermal cycler, and protocol used. Amplified samples are queued up for purification when used with the PCR Product Purification applications. Scientists can leverage the inventory management capabilities to store plates at four degrees until ready for further processing.


  • Dashboard provides scientist with view of samples ready for cycle sequencing
  • Track the lot and expiration of reagents such as TaqMan polymerase, dNTPs, big dye terminator, and PCR buffer
  • Processed samples are queued up for purification
  • Use in combination with Sanger Sequencing, Sanger Lab QC, and other Sanger apps to support your full Sanger sequencing workflow
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