Donor Specimen Accessioning

Securely register and track donor specimens associated with lab projects, testing services, and other approved uses

Securely manage specimens from multiple donors without compromising privacy and confidentially. The Donor Specimen Accessioning app provides a series of dashboards and functionality that enable labs (including biobanks and biorepositories) to register, track, query, and view detailed information about donor specimens, manage requests from and information about collaborators, and view incoming shipments. With Donor Specimen Accessioning, labs can build and maintain full chain-of-custody for donor specimens to more efficiently manage the use of these samples in research and clinical activities.


  • Track complete information on human donor specimens from receipt or requisition through distribution and use, get the right donor specimen to the right team at the right time
  • Register and inventory any number of donor specimen types individually or in bulk including blood, saliva, tissue, urine, stool, bone marrow, semen, etc.
  • Capture full details on samples including container type, method of collection, requisition and shipping details, and more
  • Use dashboards to track shipments, navigate associated data, and collect metrics about the use of donor specimens.
  • Organize information about collaborators, capture shipping details, and generate requisitions
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Category: Accessioning, Biobanking

Type: App

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