ELISA Management

Track samples through ELISA-based experiments and quickly determine assay results and fit curves

The ELISA application allows users to track samples through an unlimited number of ELISA-based experiments and capture data from plate readers.  Users can define assay templates, protocols and platemaps to standardize methods across their organization. Data is captured and analyzed automatically while files are loaded into the system while calculations are completed (% activity, IC50, etc.) and curves are fit. Users have control to re-fit curves, edit parameters and knock-out points, and view heat maps before publishing their data. Dashboards allow users to quickly view experiments in progress, manage protocols, query or create new experiments, and manage data templates.


  • Track plating of samples for dose response experiments
  • Record ELISA protocols, conditions, reagents, antibodies, and fluorophores
  • Fit curves, knock out points, view heat maps
  • Use in conjunction with other Protein Purification & Analysis apps to build an end-to-end protein purification solution
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