Flow Cytometry

Automatically register new cell lines derived during FACS, record gating, and % expression during flow cytometry experiments

The Flow Cytometry application lets users track samples through Flow Analysis and FACS. This app can record plate transfer of cells from sorting and automatically register new cell lines derived from sorted samples. Maintain lineage between derivative samples and record protocols used to run experiments.

This app can record gating, cell viability, % expression, antibodies, and more for all samples within a run. Dashboards are available to quickly view experiments in progress, manage protocols, query or create new experiments, and manage data templates.


  • Track samples through flow cytometry experiments for analysis
  • Track samples in FACS experiments including
  • Automatic tracking of container transfers during sorting
  • Registration of new cell line samples from sorted cells
  • Record protocols, reagents, antibodies, fluorophores, and more
  • Use in conjunction with other Protein Purification & Analysis apps to build an end-to-end protein purification solution
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