Fragment Analyzer

Capture nucleic acid sample quality by fragment analysis

The Fragment Analyzer application captures analytical results from the Agilent Fragment Analyzer instrument to assess nucleic acid sample quality for a variety of genomics workflows. Instrument result files can be uploaded to Thermo Scientific™ Core LIMS™ software through the user interface. Automated data capture is also available via Thermo Scientific™ Core SDMS™ software. Admins can set pass/fail thresholds to automatically flag and prevent failed samples from moving on to the next step in the process. Scientists can re-process fragment analysis as needed or leverage other quality checking techniques.


  • Dashboard to track plates ready for processing and in-process runs
  • Supports array cartridges for 12, 48 and 96 capillaries
  • Captures individual peak data for each sample run
  • Calculates average concentration, standard deviation and average molarity for each sample
  • Use as a stand-alone application or in conjunction with our NGS applications
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