Genomics Sample Accessioning

Accession samples for downstream processing in genomics workflows

The Genomics Sample Accessioning application provides capabilities for labs to accession samples from various sample types including RNA, DNA, prepared Library, FFPE tissue, blood, saliva, and more. The app supports sample receipt data and process management activities including: creating projects, accessioning samples, printing labels, and tracking samples. Lab users can upload a sample manifest file to capture sample metadata such as sample name, volume, quality information, and sample type. Genomics Sample Accessioning also helps capture data in preparation for downstream workflows such as Sanger/CE, qPCR, microarray and other genomics workflows. 


  • Track project data including downstream library preparation assays, prioritization assignment, and status management
  • Use dashboards to view and assess sample status and navigate to associated data
  • Leverage inventory management capabilities to track storage locations, containers, etc.
  • Use in combination with other apps including Nucleic Acid Extraction, Nucleic Acid QC, and Nucleic Acid Normalization
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