Illumina Run Metrics (Beta)

Monitor sequencing runs and automatically capture the quality metrics

The Illumina Run Metrics app allows users monitor the status of sequencing runs. The app monitors the run directory and discovers new Illumina run folders as they are created. Quality metrics are then sent back to the LIMS and the sequencing run status is updated automatically when data parsing is complete. This means workflow and sequencing quality metrics can be stored in the same place, enabling the creation of a variety of reports. Dashboards are also included to view run statuses, instrument usage and more.


  • Monitor status of sequencing runs
  • Captures quality metrics in the LIMS
  • View progress and capture data in a single platform
  • Quality metrics are catalogued, making it easy to look for performance trends
  • Enables creation of QC reports, instrument performance history, and cluster reports
  • Dashboards for run statuses, instrument usage, analysis metrics and read counts

Note: Illumina Run Metrics is currently available as a beta for current customers only.  

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Category: Genomics, NGS, Sequencing

Type: App

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