Large Scale Biologics Purification

Continue downstream bioprocessing by tracking the processes and data from protein purification and filtration steps

The Large Scale Biologics Purification application allows scientists to track an unlimited number of experiments related to the process of harvesting and purifying proteins from bioreactor cultures. The application enables the user to standardize protocols and track conditions and results from harvesting procedures and multiple rounds of filtration and chromatography. The app automatically registers new intermediate and purified proteins based on user defined criteria at each step. Users can record information regarding protein quantity and purity from each process. Dashboards allow users to quickly access ongoing experiments and plan daily work accordingly.


  • Execute on an unlimited number of harvesting and purification steps
  • Automatically register new intermediate and purified protein samples from each step in the process
  • Use dashboards to quickly access ongoing experiments and plan work.
  • Use in conjunction with the Media Optimization and Bioreactor Optimization applications for tracking your upstream work
  • Use in conjunction with the Plant Design and Production Run application for meeting your bioprocessing needs through scale up.
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Category: Bioprocess, Drug Discovery

Type: App

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