Microsomal Stability

Manage Microsomal Stability protocols, materials, and experiments in one centralized location

Utilize the Microsomal Stability application to record assay protocols, assay data, reagents, and materials. Capture attributes such as hepatic clearance, intrinsic clearance, and mass spectrometry raw data files to store all relevant assay data in one location. Utilize the system to calculate average half-life and average intrinsic clearance ensuring consistency in your results.


  • Record protocols for an unlimited number of methods
  • Record experiments performed for each sample
  • Save raw data and system calculated data (avg half life, avg intrinsic clearance, etc.) in one location
  • Reference saved data at any time
  • Use in conjunction with registration and other ADME applications for a full solution
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Category: ADME/Tox, Physicochemical

Type: App

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