Molecular Cloning

Record cloning conditions, automatically register new ligation products, and define next steps in molecular biology workflows

The Molecular Cloning app allows users to send registered samples into a ligation experiment, followed by transformation into competent cells. Users can set and reuse parameters for cloning, or set new parameters, change ratios, times, and concentrations, on the fly.

For each sample, decide on the next step in the process and annotate the experiment to record sample volumes, expected product size, and more. Automatically register new constructs, ligation products, and bacterial clones for use in additional experiments, e.g., Gel Electrophoresis, Nucleic Acid Purification, etc. Relationships to mRNA, cDNA, vectors, and more are forged when new samples are created. Use this application to manage single or plate based samples to improve speed and traceability in sample registration and data tracking throughout biologics reagent generation.


  • Automatically register new constructs, ligation products, and bacterial clones for full traceability within the system
  • Manage cloning reagents and instruments
  • Dashboards provide a single source of information to view new constructs and bacterial clones created, access reagents and instruments, and link to additional applications
  • Use in conjunction with Biologics Registration and/or Molecular Biology¬†apps to record data at all points during your biologics generation workflow

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