NMR Analysis

Capture the physical and chemical properties of a small molecule using NMR Analysis

The NMR Analysis application provides scientists the ability to enter and track NMR information for small molecules. Users can create requests for NMR runs while tracking their status and providing employee/department-centric reporting. Dashboards provide a quick review of all requests, and NMR runs with quick links to the application functions.


  • Use dashboards to easily create new experiments, assays, and protocols
  • Track NMR requests and generate reports based on varied criteria including user and status
  • Capture NMR spectra, structural analysis information, and relevant chemical shifts
  • Automatically update the sample with the results of the NMR Analysis¬†
  • Use in combination with the Small Molecule Registration apps to support an end-to-end solution
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Category: Chemistry, NMR, Small Molecule

Type: App

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